The getaway home is a vision and dream of removed perfection. Idealized resort homes welcome owners, family and friends to a slower pace and place for togetherness; for solitude, nature and recreation. Often these homes are the culmination of many years of hard work and aspirations.

In photographing the architecture and interiors of these homes I like to capture a sense of place and the quiet perfection often embodied in the home design. The getaway home location often follows a migratory pattern. Central Valley residents choose Carmel, Big Sur and Monticeto to escape the summer heat. San Franciscans head to Sun Valley or Jackson Hole to pass on fog filled summer days. For those in Atherton and Portola Valley the islands of Hawaii along the Kohala Coast, Poipu Beach and Makena area are the ports of call. Come winter Sugar Bowl, Aspen, Martis Camp and Sun Valley welcome back the Bay Area crowd to crystal snow.

To photograph these resort homes, planning and timing is as important as ever. Having deep experience photographing interiors in resort, mountain and beach communities I know to study the weather patterns and light specific issues each of the areas requires. When possible, a day and a half shooting schedule is the ideal, allowing the chance to get the best dawn and dusk moments and be flexible for weather irregularities.

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