David Duncan Livingston Behind the Scenes


I have been photographing for interior designers, architects, magazines & books for many years. Using both natural light and strobe lighting, I create the editorial-style photos you see on this site.

I grew up in the Bay Area and San Francisco and most of the projects I shoot are based here. As an interior & architectural photographer, I also travel to Silicon Valley, Carmel, Napa, Los Angeles, Seattle and Hawaii regularly for photo shoots of homes.

I wear many hats on a photo shoot, acting as producer, art director, photographer & stylist. My clients look to me to give vision to their story, by making it engaging, thoughtful, and beautiful.

I have been the sole photographer for more than five interior design books; among them, San Francisco StyleCalifornia Country Style by Chronicle Books, Hawaii a Sense of Place, Mutual Publishing, The New City Home and Patterns of Home by Taunton Press.

Many architectural photographers, art directors and clients seek me out because of my regularly published work. The photos I create live on in portfolios, brochures, magazine stories and short video productions.



I develop long standing relationships with many of my interior, architectural and lifestyle photography clients. Most photography shoots of homes for firms and manufacturers take but a day.


Starting from the first shoot, I seek to understand the marketing and visual objectives sought and then provide the vision for them. Over the years together, we refine this vision with each shoot. My working style as a photographer focuses on listening, collaborating, and creating beautiful professional photography efficiently. 


These are just a few of the clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years: 





David Duncan Livingston

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