Portraits on Location: Personal Branding Portraits

[mytweetlinks]The way I approach portraiture photography is similar to how I approach interior photography: I thoughtfully place my subject in an impactful location and capture both the person and the setting for a layered story of person and place. I create personal branding photos that become portraits used on websites and social media.

Whether I’m working for magazines, small businesses, or corporations, I like to make the location essential to my portraiture photography. By taking my portraits onsite, I can impart personality, design aesthetic, and emotion to the photograph. My goal is not only to capture my client with positive, open expressions, that are welcoming to the viewer alike, but to allow their creative identity and personality show through in each image.

I do this by working with each client individually to determine the look, feel, and location of each shoot. If photographing a designer in their completed project, I strive to maintain a similar lighting style as the rest of the photos from the shoot. Art direction elements involve selecting the location of the portrait and helping with wardrobe selection, ultimately making it all look effortless.

My portrait photography transcends capturing an individual’s likeness. Instead, I build a personal brand through my imagery, ensuring the final product is a valuable marketing tool for my clients.