I am a San Francisco based photographer shooting interiors. The new housing in San Francisco is literally going up, taking form in multi million dollar homes within high rise towers. As a photographer of these penthouses and pied-à-terres, I have special considerations when making the photos you see here. Many of these homes have tight spaces and lots of reflective glass. In my photos, I seek to minimize the distortion of a wide angle lenses, then carefully add lighting, and use Photoshop to control unwanted reflections. My clients (ad agencies, developers and design firms) seek publish-ready photos for marketing and promotional use.

highrise-san francisco-interior-photographer-01

highrise-san francisco-interior-photographer-02

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The views can be amazing from the penthouses, yet also important are the views from units on lower floors. These views add an urban contextual element to the photos. In my compositions and the framing for my high rise interior photography, I want to show bits of San Francisco in a way that melds the city into the interior design.

highrise-san francisco-interior-photographer-05

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The photo styling should be clean and simple. We are not in the country, so the guiding words for any high rise photo styling can be: quiet, sophisticated, artful and restrained.

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The time of day to shoot has many variables for high rise interior photography. Want blue water views looking east? Then take that photo in the afternoon. Want certain buildings to have full sun? Wait for just the right time for the building to catch the sun within view in the camera. Wanting a sunset or dusk shot? Shoot a half hour past sunset or before sunrise. Want sun on the northwest face facades? Shoot in June when the sun comes around the San Francisco street grid just enough to put sunlight on these facades.