The challenges of taking perfect bathroom photos are dealing with the mirrors, the reflective surfaces, the lighting of the room for photographing, and avoiding distortions from a wide angle lens. Make the baths beautiful, too. david-livingston-interiors-photography-baths-03 As an architectural photographer shooting in Los Angeles and throughout California, I am often called to photograph the “impossible” by shooting in these cramped and reflective spaces. My trade secret here is experience and careful attention to the details. david-livingston-interiors-photography-baths-01 I am hired to photograph bathrooms for manufacturers, tile and stone vendors, and interior designers. The photos you see here were photographed by David Duncan Livingston. I styled and art directed these shots as well, and hold the copyright. david-livingston-interiors-photography-baths-02 Inspiring bathroom design combines great style and functionality. Here I have selected a number of examples from my recent bathroom photography. A design color trend I am seeing for 2015 is the use of soft grays, creams and whites. The bath pattern designs I am seeing are Moroccan Arabesque, Celtic Herringbone, and more traditional Italianate motifs. david-livingston-interiors-photography-baths-04 Hundreds of my bathroom photography have been published nationally; and more recently for many client’s Houzz pages. Conveying the design showing the mix of materials and the space plan are key to a well photographed bathroom. Photo styling for bathrooms is very important too. Styling elements should be simple and not overwhelm the shot. david-livingston-interiors-photography-baths-05 david-livingston-interiors-photography-baths-06 David Duncan Livingston, owns and controls the copyright of these images, 2015.