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David Duncan Livingston

Photographer of interiors, architecture & lifestyle in San Francisco and California.


Introducing made to measure wallcoverings & large format fine art photographs. I travel the world with my eyes wide open and a curator’s mindset. I photograph these images suited for today’s design forward interiors.


XL is offering these and many more photos as wallcoverings made to your installation needs or as fine art archival prints. Follow me on Instagram as I add to this portfolio.


I shoot these photos with a state of the art camera that delivers high resolution photos perfectly suited for the large scale output as prints or wallcoverings. I source dedicated labs to deliver perfection.

My eye is drawn to built environments and the hand of man. In nature I’m more pluralistic; seeing perfect gardens, a benign world or the intersection of man & nature.



I compose the intimate more often than the grand. I see the enclosure of a room, the hold of a ravine or the embrace of the forest as places I want to be in.


I show the passage of time, the wear of environments and the patina of life. The intersection of man and nature.



I like beauty; quiet and painterly compositions. I see these photos as part of a mix of furnishings and architecture giving the viewer a layered experience.


I love tangents and happenstance, you can see both in many of the photos.


I love diptychs on a wall, how the space is broken into parts, how the two halves talk to each other and to the room.


My camera is tethered to my laptop and the first image comes to life on my screen.