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David Duncan Livingston


Traveller: Avignon Antique Fair

Here are photo slices of a bianual antique fair in Avignon, France taken as panoramic photos. This show brings over a thousand dealers from Spain, France & Italy to offer a wide collection of furniture and decorative objects in five large buildings. I love the decorative arts and travel to see them.

Going to the source…if you ever wonder where the cool stuff you see in the best antique shops in Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco comes from, it might be here. A great antique or collectible changes hands from dealer to dealer as it moves from attic to high street. The one day fairs in France like here in Avignon or Beziers, Montpellier or Parma, Italy is where the “pickers” sell and dealers buy. You can buy for yourself, you need to start early, pay on the spot & work with the international shippers to get it home.

Photographically here I have used a camera that take a stream of still photos and then stitches them together to make these very wide panorama photos. The compositional trick for me is to find interesting slices of life in the real world. Next, I assemble these slices into a loaf of interesting objects, textures, forms & colors. The photos you see here were not cropped but captured in camera.