Architectural Photography Hawaii, Kona & Kyoto

[mytweetlinks] Stephen Ewing, a principal of the Big Island firm De Reus Architects, designed this Hawaiian pavilion style home blending East and West. Starting the photo shoot at a predawn hour, the dramatic lighting created a Shoji feeling within the home. The shooting day was split with a long midday break. Takeaway: eighteen photos in a day of shooting; use and value added: to be featured in a coffee table book of the firm’s work; Photoshop cleaned up the “vog” in post-production.

Interior and Architectural Photography in Hawaii has its own set of challenges. To get the deep blue of the water you need the sun low to your back, so western facing homes get the big view photographs taken in the morning. Up malka or up the mountain rain and clouds start affecting the photo; as the clouds pass over you wait for the sun breaks. Propping and styling is very ad hoc as the resources are limited. It’s always good to have your own clippers to make the floral arrangements.

All images © David Duncan Livingston