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David Duncan Livingston

Photographer of interiors, architecture & lifestyle in San Francisco and California.


I am currently booking photo shoots in August and September. During most weeks I shoot between 3-5 projects that get scheduled most often one to four weeks in advance. The dates shown below get updated whenever a day becomes booked.

Email me to discuss full or partial day shoots. Also, reach out to me to discuss your shoot and share snapshots of projects you want to photograph. Contact: david (at) davidduncanlivingston.com

Below are the free days I have at this time. If you need a weekend shoot or dates in August let me know and we can work out the specific details. This calendar is not interactive.

July 25th, Tuesday

July 27th, Thursday

August 19th, Saturday

Agust 20th, Sunday

August 21st, Monday

August 22nd, Tuesday

August 23rd, Wednesday

August 25th, Friday

August 26th, Saturday

August 28th, Tuesday

August 31st, Wednesday

September 1st, Friday

September 5th, Tuesday

September 6th, Wednesday

September 8th, Friday

September 9th, Saturday

September 11th, Monday

September 12th, Tuesday

September 13th, Wednesday

September 14th, Thursday

September 15th, Friday

For other September and October dates please email me.

Many ask about my fees for photography; I charge a flat photo fee of $200 per photo. The minimum fee for a photo shoot is $800.

  • Publish-ready high-resolution TIFF and JPEG files.
  • A pre-shoot discussion, about art direction, styling and developing the shot list.
  • The local travel time to the shoot.
  • The photo shoot with the photography time, I work without an assistant.
  • Consultation on art direction and some styling assistance.
  • Photoshop work, the extensive multi-step process making the photos publish perfect.

My process is controlled and methodical; the compositions are seen on a laptop while the photo is being crafted by selecting the best angle and placing the objects within the composition. If a photo is not working compositionally, we move on to the next photo devoting time to the photos that are engaging and telling the story. I do not take 30 photos and then select ten that work. I carefully craft ten photos on the site and then send them to the Photoshop process in the studio. Clients are billed for any photos that go into the Photoshop phase.

The commissioning party of the photography will have unlimited use of the photography in any medium for the promotion of the firm’s work, second and third-party use of the photos may require a separate use fee. Copyright is held by David Duncan Livingston.

The $200 photo fee applies to design firms and architectural practices. Fees for corporate clients & agency work may be based upon an estimate and usage, not a photo fee.